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TOGETHER is an interactive experiment and performance exploring the mediated communication common to our times.

Taking its form and inspiration from the trending online broadcasting (as seen on e.g. Periscope), TOGETHER touches upon the performative behaviours in a mediated society, the technologies that satisfy voyeurism and enhance solitude, and on audience interaction and manipulation.

Three broadcasters are making their own show, being live streamed onto three screens in different corners of the space. The audience will see the performers both at the real level and the mediated level. There is not a centre of the performance: the audience is invited to wander within it and to participate anonymously by sending messages to the broadcasters with a web-based app.
Concept & Direction: Mengting Zhuo & Yujing Yan
Performers Smaragda, Yujing Yan, Chidi Omari, Piotr Mirowski, Maya Goldstein
Technical design: Piotr Mirowski​​​​​​​ 
Image credits: (c) Cao Cong / Foukis /Max Hsieh 
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