2018 SGW records
    Smaragda  - Bass, Vocals 
      Leyla Braun - Drums, Vocals 
Reimu - Vocals
  Social Genocide Warriors
Peosphoros is a strictly politically correct Trans LGBTQMN- Pink Metal band against Black Metal.

The first album “Pink Metal”, explores problems of Black Metal culture, modern genocide of minorities, sexual liberation, power structures, sex worker artists. 
peosphoros is a project about censorship in black metal an "extreme" form of art - can bm exist that way? 666 Eosphoros (bringer of light) becomes Peosphoros (bringer of cocks) ​​​​​​​
satan, irony & art vs sjw
  Peosphoros (bringer of cocks - GR: Πεοσφόρος, meaning: Peos=Penis, Phoros=bringer/bearer :: Eosphoros= bringer of light)
Pink Metal Social Justice Genocide


Leyla, Smaragda, Reimu

1. Britney Therapy When I was a little girl, I always dreamt about my father's cock, it was so big and fluffy but when I found out that my dad is gay and fucks his personal trainer I was like, what the fuck dad... Fuck my pussy daddy Tie me up and lash me like islamic torturers Make me moan like a pig being slau ghtered Spit on my face cum in my eyes Do I remind you of mommy daddy Spank me like priests do altar boys daddy Fist my cunt daddy As hard as you beat the shit out of your fag son daddy I’m gonna cum… Call your friends and prostitute me daddy Call mum in heaven and tell her I've got a job now daddy Don’t you touch my fucking cock and never flush after you take a shit daddy, cos I wanna drink your piss and smell your armpits. Tie me like jesus on the cross daddy Be my Fuhrer and let me be your jew son Fill the room with gas until I pass out Then holocaust my ass back to consciousness Put on a fucking condom so I don’t get pregnant Fucking your cunt with knives next to mummy I can't believe my husband is cheating on me with our faggot son They are having sex next to my corpse They will catch transsexual disease They will join me in heaven And see me suck prophet Muhammad's cock everyday I am sure they will be jealous And beg me to join them in their orgy I'm going shopping to the mall now daddy. Oops I did it again, I sucked my dad's cock Made mom in heaven Get jealous again Oops she thinks we are in love But she seems to forget That daddy can't love That's why she killed herself
5. Pink Metal We believe in an ethnic cleansing of the metal world. I hate black metal, white is better. Black picks cotton, white whips it on the back. Black is illiterate and lazy. Black metal needs bleaching. Anti-cosmic faggots afraid of social justice warriors are the new black Black fried chicken and watermelon Only animals like that crap. Black metal is for pretense devilworshippers For fat and ugly virgins in their bedrooms Gay Satanists that are afraid of swastikas Hipster faggots policed by antifa. Make metal great again Black metal hate again. Black metal is part of the white genocide Can't you see? Why is it called black? Corpse paint? What is corpse paint for? To hide the color of the skin Why do they fight christianity? To destroy the western culture Why do they look like girls? To destroy gender So that white people cannot make any more babies It's a master plan of that marxist Euonymus Burn churches why? Why not mosques? Don't you see? All BM fans leave immediately.
3. Terrorism When I was little I was not welcomed by anyone. People judged me for the way I looked. I couldn’t express myself. Genocide poor people x2 Can’t express x2 Genocide rednecks Genocide immigrants Burn the trailers Burn the mosques They knew deep inside I was gonna be rich And ride an airplane Genocide poor people x2 Cant express x2 Genocide x2 Αποτάσση τω Σατανά; και πάσι τοίς έργοις αυτού; και πάση τη λατρεία αυτού; και πάσι τοις αγγέλοις αυτού; και πάση τη πομπή αυτού; απετάξω τω Σατανά; συνεταξάμην απετάξω τω Σατανά; συνεταξάμην απετάξω τω Σατανά; Συνετάξω τω Σατανά Πέος Orgasming as I rape 9 year old shemales for Eosphoros Τρόμος Orgasming as planes crash into world trade center Πέος Orgasming as mexican cartels torture their enemies Τρόμος You will never understand the peace of wielding terror. Πέος Τρόμος
2. PROSTITUTES MUST DIE IN GENOCIDE GENOCIDE All you fucking so called artists GENOCIDE You know you are failures GENOCIDE Virtue signaling attention whores GENOCIDE Yeah I'm sure you got raped GENOCIDE Your manifestos are recitals GENOCIDE Of your liberal college brainwash GENOCIDE Written to suck maximum cocks GENOCIDE Even worse are the mediocre copycats Who are doing what has already been done ART Identity politicians waving their fingers ART They want to find where the wind is blowing ART Follow the wind artfags ART I want to be an art dictator that aborts all artists before they get born. ART You know what a prostitute is, ART someone who sells their identity. ART You claim you express yourself, you just copy someone else to go to festivals and suck dicks, so that you can maybe climb the ladder you are prostitutes Pretend you got raped to get grants & residencies you're lower than a prostitute Pretense minority Get raped... Allah bless
4. Multiculturalism Is Genocide We hate faggots, faggots faggots We hate faggots, faggots fagots We love christianity, The cross is a symbol of hope catholics got everything right, Jesus was a man of freedom We love muslims, muslims muslims We love sharia law, Allah is a symbol of hope Isis got everything right, White cultural genocide We hail hitler, hitler hitler We hail the aryan race, Donald Trump is a symbol of hope Nazis got everything right, Multiculturalism is genocide Freedom of speech is important But freedom to censor is more important. Exclusion is the new inclusion. Tolerance of hate we won't tolerate You better respect our community guidelines. Or we will block your access for 30 days. And this isn’t about censorship. We won't let you spout your hate on our platform We support freedom of expression BUT… We support freedom of expression BUT… We support freedom of expression BUT… We support freedom of expression BUT… Listen guys there is a genocide on white race muslims are having so many children, white people are having less and less babies All middle earth people should leave the room immediately.
6. Rape and Kill Animals Attack Women There is a beauty in torturing cats As their guts sprout over the floor I can’t help but cum in their ass As life leaves their stupid eyes There is a beauty in raping Women Skin their faces screaming skulls Sluts must all be taught their lesson Of their sublime worthlessness There is a beauty in beating children Screaming as they come into life That scream must never be stopped Child porn must be legalized There is a beauty in fighting wars Conflict that will never resolve Guerilla idiots against true force Peasant fighters burning alive There is a beauty in starving africans Subhuman monkeys meeting their fate They should all die before spreading aids This will never be planet of apes There is a beauty in religious terror Fundamentalist warriors gather Turn the west into a waste Flag of islam must be raised Holy rape, saint pedophile. Rapist angel is arrested. Tortured and beaten inside. This cyclic inspires new ravishing. O, blessed is the emotional shower of victim anxiety. The instinct flames of crime & punishment roaring! Human beings become artists of cosmic singularity portals Artists that indulge in demiurgic manipulation of the scream of Apep Their works are immortal. Saint rapist is arrested. Chain reaction vortex of chaos Bring us closer to our re-submerging, to the pre-hillock black sea. Raped in the mosque Mass penetration on the dawn of sunlight Muslims will always be animals leashed to the hands of the deeds of master This is the water & this is the well Kill me I won’t stop You have to kill me I will not stop
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