Tranny and the Bear
a.k.a. Smaragda and the Bear

💖 Dj performance passion 💖
we play together or solo...
@2018 Athens Biennale 

Smaragda calling earth

Smaragda Special Forces on Demand

Cunt Family, Deep Trash from the Underworld, photo Orlando Myxx
Cunt Family, Deep Trash Escoria, photo Orlando Myxx
Cunt Family, Deep Trash Royal Trash, photo Orlando Myxx
Deep Trash by Cuntemporary - an exhibition-cum-performance-club-night promoting queer and feminist arts from all disciplines / Smaragda is member of Deep Trash team, performing, djing, and carrying heavy loads.

Smaragda Djing at Deep Trash Eco Trash, London UK

Cunt Family, Deep Trash Eco Trash, photo Orlando Myxx

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